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  Leading in Process Control Solutions (prod_head.gif 4079 bytes)
CSL (Canada) Inc. sells high-quality tools. Find out more about our products:


Measuring Tools Bases Blocks
Calipers Height Gages
Indicators Gages
Micrometers Protractors
Squares Rules
Lamp Digital Angle Meter
Digital Display Measuring Wheel Dial Torque Wrench
Thermometer Digital Multimeter
Digital Measuring Tape Digital Tachometer
Cutting Tools Boring Bar Countersink & De-Burring Tools
Drills Files
Punches Scribers
Tool Bits Counter Bore
End Mills Reamers
Taps Flatted Shank
Straight Shank Carbide Tipped End Mills
Machine Accessories Clamping Kit Collets
Hammers Holders
Parallels Plates
Vises Wrenches
Die Stock Hardness Tester
Air, Auto Tools Air Tools  
Automatic Tools  




Bases Magnetic Base & Mighty Magnetic Micro Magnetic Base Flexible Stem Magnetic Base
  Universal ON/OFF Magnetic Base Universal Stand  
Blocks 1-2-3 Block & 2-4-6 Block Angle Block Gage Block
  90 Degree V-Block Precision V-Block Set ON/OFF Magnetic V-Block
  Magnetic V-block V-Block $Clamp  
Calipers Caliper Accessory Kits Depth Attachment Dial Caliper
  Inch /Metric Combination Dial Caliper Spring Caliper New Mold Digital Caliper -Auto Off
  Brake Drum Digital Caliper Multifunction Digital Caliper New Mold Digital Caliper
  New Mold Multifunction Digital Caliper   New Mold Tolerance Setting Digital Caliper
  Digital snap caliper & Single Point Digital Caliper New Mold Digital Caliper -ANT Vernier Caliper
  IP54&IP67 Digital Caliper Metal Casing Digital Caliper  
  Vernier Caliper - Long Jaws Carbide Tipped Digital Caliper High Resolution Caliper
Height Gages Dial Height Gage - Two Pole Dial Height Gage-Single Pole Single Pole Eletronic Height Gage
  Twin-Column Electronic Height Gage Vernier Height Gage Clamp For Height Gauge
Indicators CO-AX Indicator Dial Indicator Dial Test Indicator
  Digital Indicator Digital Display Meter  High Resolution Multifunction Digital Indicator
  Digital Test Indicator Indicator Point Sets  
Holders Universal Indicator Holder Half Round Combination Holders  
Gages Adjustable Angle Gages Angle Gage Set Center Gage
  Dial & Digital Bore Gage Digital Depth Gage  
   Tyre Thread Depth Gage Feeler Gage Thread Gage
  Thread Measuring Wire Sets Steel Plug Gage Sets Radius Gage
  Telescoping Gages Small Hole Gages Surface Gage
  Toolmakers Surface Gage Digital Thickness Gage Pocket Thickness Gage
  Disc Rotor/Ball Gage Planer&Shaper Gauge Digital Tire Pressure Gage
  Steel Plug Gage Set Radius&Angle Dresser  
Micrometers Anvil Micrometer Anvil Attachment Depth Micrometers
  Digital Depth Mic Digit Outside Mic 3 Keys Digital Micrometer
  2&7Keys Digital Mic Interchangeable Digital Outside Mic Set Disk Blake Mic
  Disc Micrometer Indicating Mic Inside Micrometer
    Outside Mic Micrometer Stand
  Screw Thread Micrometer Tube Micrometer Digital Ball/Flat Anvil Mic
Protractors Dial Bevel Protractor Stainless Steel Protractor Universal Bevel protractor
Squares Combination SQ. Carpenters Square 90 Degree SQ. With Wide Base
  Precision Bevel Edge Squares Combination Blade  
Rules Standard Rules Round End Clip Rules  
Lamp Maginetic Lamp    
Tachometer Digital Tachometer    
Thermometer Smat Senser Non Contact    
Multimeter Digital Multimeter    



Boring Bar Carbide Tipped Boring Bar-C5    
Countersink & De-Burring Tools HSS Chatterless Countesink 82 DEG Countersinks & De-burring Tools De-Burring Tools
Drills Center Drill 1/2"Shank Silver & Deming Drill Sets Tin Coated End Mill Sets
  Jobber Drill Sets Tri-Dex Indexible End Mill Set  
Files & Sharpening Stone Files Sharpening Stone  
Punches Automatic Center Punch Center Punch Transfer Punch
  7 Pcs Transfer Screw Set    
Scribers Hard Metal Scriber Double End Scriber Pocket Scriber
Tool Bits HSS Square Tool Bits    
Counter Bore Straight Shank-3 Flute    
Chucking Reamers Straight Shank Metric Sizes Chucking Reamers - Straight & Spiral Flute Straight Shank HSS Spiral Pointed Taps
End Mill - HSS Single End 2 Flute Center Cutting Single End 4 Flute Center Cutting  
"Arrow" End Mills - Supper M42 Fine Pitch Roughing End Mill - 4F    
Flatted Shank Single -End 2 Flute Center Cutter Single-End 4 Flute Center Cutting Single-End 6 Flute Optional Length Center Cutting
  Single - End 2 Flute Ball Nose Single-End 4 Flute Ball Nose Single Flute countersink
  Double-End 4 Flute Regular Length Center Cutting Double-End 2 Flute Regular Length Center Cutting 4 Flute Roughing End Mills Cup Cutting
  5 Flute Roughing End Mills Cup Cutting 6 Flute Roughing End Mills Combination Shank Roughing   End Mill 6FL
Miniature Straight Shank Double-End 2 Flute Center Cutting Single-End Mill 4 & 6 Flute Cup Cutting  
Carbide Tipped End Mills For Machining Steels - Finishing (C5) For Machining Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys (C2 - C3) For Machining Steels - Center Cutting Finishing (C5)
Brazed Carbide End Mills(C2-C3) For Machining Steels Roughing Top Quality Solid Carbrid Mills



Clamping Kit Machinist Clamping Kits    
Hardness Tester     Hardness Tester    
Collets Precision Collets -R8 Precision Collets - 5C  
Hammers Dead Blow Hammers Copper Hammer  
Holders ISO Taper End Mill Holder - 50    
Parallels Precision Parallels Sets Magnetic Check Block Parallels  
Plate Slotted Angle Plates    
Die Stock Die Stock    
Vises   Precision Toolmaker Vise Sine Vise
Wrenches Adjustable Tap & Reamer Wrench  


                                                                   AIR, ELEC., AUTO, HAND TOOLS

Air Tools

Impact Wrenches

Air Ratchets Grease Guns and Accessories
Air Die Grinders Air Hammers Air Sanders
Air Nibblers and Accessories Air Drilles Air Riveters
Air Blow Guns    

Automotive Tools

Engine Tools Tire Tools Screw Extractors and Nut Splitters
Scrapers and Picks Gear Pullers Assorted Pullers
Pliers and Accessories Specialty Sockets Specialty Tools
Impact Drivers Oil Filters Wrenches Spark Plug Sockets
Ignition Tools Front End Tools Auto Fuse Kits
Riveters and Rivets Ratchets and Torque Wrenches  



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